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Rewards and Loyalty

Bulk and Wholesale

When you shop with Woodpeckers, you’ll always save with our volume based pricing a.k.a the more you buy, the more you save! Every product page has a chart where you can see exactly how much of a reduction in price you’ll get.

Military and Veterans Discounts

Head over to https://woodpeckerscrafts.com/heroes/ to get your 10% off code. And 🙏 thank you for your service. We owe our servicemen and women so much, and we’re grateful to be giving back in this small way!

Rewards Program

The real saving magic happens with our Wood Chips rewards program ;) You can sign up and get all the deets on how to earn and redeem here - https://woodpeckerscrafts.com/rewards/ Want all the juicy info here? Okay! So you get 250 points just for crea

Teacher and Educator Discounts

We’re proud to offer all teachers and educators 10% off on their purchases of wooden educational materials. Hop over to https://woodpeckerscrafts.com/heroes/ to get your 10% off code!

Terms and Conditions

Please note that most coupon codes cannot be applied to Baltic birch plywood sheets. In addition, only one coupon code can be used per order, and coupons are currently limited when used on international orders.